Gender in London's Tech City

About the project

This is a qualitative, sociological study of the gender dynamics of London's Tech City community.

Since the dawn of the internet, technology has been developed and pioneered by male leaders. Today, technology is reported as the 'most equal' industry, though it is well known that key communities such as Silicon Valley continue to have a diversity problem.

Every day, the prevalence of technology in our lives only increases, and to the extent that the provenance of these technologies is key hubs such as London's Tech City, New York's Silicon Alley and California's Silicon Valley, we feel it is essential to collect data on the culture and experiences of the human beings involved in these communities/areas.

In this ongoing study, we are looking to understand as thoroughly as possible the way the women and men creating these technologies interact, and to explore the way larger patterns of gender and in some cases, inequality, might be reproduced, and ask what it means and what improvements can be made.

Like its neighbourhood, this study is not gender neutral. It is an investigation into the experience of women, both as users of the social and networking events that form part of the life of Tech City, and also their experiences as entrepreneurs and business leaders across the wider tech community. Eventually we will also study Silicon Valley and New York's 'Silicon Alley'.

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