Gender in London's Tech City

Aims & Impact

This project has received Seedcorn funding from Durham University Business School, the University of Durham. 

It is anticipated that the findings will have impact on the digital research community in the UK, Europe and worldwide. There is relevancy for academic groups that include social scientists (as one would expect), as well as colleagues from the humanities, the sciences, and those whose research examines the internet, business development, and equality.

During the data collection, expected outputs include press media, as well as contribution to conferences and speaking events. Following data analysis, the research will be written up into academic papers and the initial report, which will be presented in 2015.  

As for longer-term impact, it is impossible to make precise claims about exactly what influence our improved understanding of the participation of women in Tech City will have. However, ultimately we hope to bring the findings back to Tech City itself, to ensure at the very least that they can form part of a healthy gender balance and equality of opportunity, including improved awareness and discussion.

It is our intention that this research anticipates the importance of digital for the economy in a way that that moves beyond the hype, to focus on the genuine integration and support of women and men working in the tech industry and with technologies.